Adam Snitzer, Seabourn’s marketing VP, recently visited Venice to check out the plans for the festivities around the debut of Seabourn Odyssey.  Here is his report: You know things are getting close when thoughts turn to celebrations.  With the launch of Seabourn Odyssey only four months away, the Inaugural Events Team is working at full tilt. ... read more


Last Fall, famed food critic John Mariani sailed the Mediterranean with Seabourn. His opinion? "Seabourn was easily the best of the cruise ships I've ever traveled on--impeccable service, first-rate cuisine, very well-chosen wines, and passengers that reminded me of what it must have once been like to hobnob with those who sailed back in the 1950s." ... read more


We’ve talked a lot about the construction process for Seabourn Odyssey. But not all the activity is about cutting and welding or engines and rudders.  Adam Snitzer, Vice President of Marketing for Yachts of Seabourn, reports from the Miami headquarters as the Seabourn Odyssey build takes on yet another form. ... read more

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