A Perfect Fit for Patmos

People who have never sailed on an intimate ship such as one of Seabourn’s may ask: “Why sail on a small ship when you can sail on a big ship?” There are lots of answers to that question. And of course it’s true that there are people who will prefer a larger ship. But there are some advantages that are just as clear as the Aegean Sea once you get the picture. Captain Sean Whalley captured the evidence for us on a recent call of Seabourn Pride at the Greek isle of Patmos. His picture says it all. Seabourn Pride guests stroll down the gangway, cross the street and they are in the heart of this welcoming, fascinating town. They don’t overwhelm the streets with their numbers. They are free to experience the authentic life of the people living there. Itinerary planning for Seabourn is an exercise in this sort of balance – finding the right place for the right ship at the right time. On this day, in this place, it looks like we got it just right.


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