Array of Distinguished Guest Speakers Join Seabourn 2013 World Cruise

Seabourn has announced a diverse line-up of prominent guest speakers who will be among those enhancing the 116-day World Cruise aboard Seabourn Quest in 2013. The speakers’ breadth of knowledge is as worldly as the cruise itself, including such notables as the sly, witty comedienne Rita Rudner, NASA astronomer Dr. Norman Caisse and satirical author Christopher Buckley. Seabourn Quest’s world cruise will depart January 6, 2013 from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and end in Venice, Italy on May 3.

Rita Rudner

Luminaries including scientists, historians, scholars, maritime experts, documentary filmmakers and politicians will share their expertise and provide valuable insights on destinations to Seabourn Quest guests during their memorable world cruise. “This is a very exciting group of speakers with personalities and portfolios as diverse as the ports of call the cruise will visit,” said John Delaney, Seabourn’s senior vice president, marketing and sales. “Many of them specialize in the regions we visit, and their knowledge will undoubtedly enhance our guests’ cruise experiences and entertain them on their way around the globe.” Seabourn Quest’s 2013 lineup of World Quest guest speakers and destination experts will include, among others:   Entertainment/Literature
  • Rita Rudner American comedienne, actress, screenwriter, author. She has starred in numerous television specials and performs live in the U.S. and U.K. April 27 - May 3.
  • Christopher Buckley American political satirist and novelist. March 26 – 31.
  • Dr. Norman Caisse – NASA engineer and astronomer who participated in a variety of space exploration projects. January 16 – 30.
  Destination Experts
  • Dr. Roderick A. McDonald – professor, author, Caribbean and Latin American historian. January 6 – 16.
  • Dr. Michelle Craig McDonald – professor and author of Early American, Caribbean and maritime history. January 6 - 16.
  • Dr. Adrian Kerr – author and historian in ancient civilizations. April 8 – 21.
  • Farhana Qazi – international relations analyst and expert on Middle Eastern political conflicts.  April 12 – 23.
  Military History/Foreign Relations
  • Captain Peter Martin, Commander, Royal Australian Naval Reserve. – one of Australia’s few titled Masters and Commanders; maritime expert and foreign affairs scholar. February 22 – March 2.
  • Col. Ralf Vargas – retired U.S. Army officer, former Chief of the NATO Situation Center, specializing in European Affairs. April 23 – May 3.
  Exploration/ Geography/Ethnology
  • Dr. Lawrence Blair – adventurer and documentarian whose acclaimed TV series Ring of Fire highlights his10-year exploration of Indonesia. March 1 – 23.
  • Paul Deegan mountaineer and award-winning author whose ascents include Mount Everest and other major peaks worldwide. March 9-19.
  The onboard enrichment lineup augments an extensive array of daytime and nightly entertainment that ranges from dynamic, up-to-the-minute vocal revues, classical recitals, comedy, engaging quiz shows, dance classes and live music for dancing.   For more information on Seabourn’s 2013 World Cruise, please visit    


..will be an incredible experience, I'd love to join!


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