Black Sea Navy Ensemble Premieres on Seabourn Quest

Performances by local artists are an integral part of the entertainment program on Seabourn, with hundreds of local shows presented yearly across the fleet in destinations from Bali to Barcelona to Brisbane. On a sunny afternoon in the Black Sea resort of Yalta, guests on board Seabourn Quest enjoyed a stellar performance by the Black Sea Navy Ensemble. This group has been performing for the past 80 years in Ukraine and has toured extensively across Europe and the United States. Guests clapped along to the skilled singers, balalaika players and the energetic dance troupe, giving them a full standing ovation at the end of the performance. Authentic local entertainment of this caliber created a true Seabourn Moment, and many guests commented that this was one of the highlights from their Black Sea cruise.

All hands on deck: The Navy Ensemble dancers thrill Seabourn guests.


In harmony: Members of the Navy Ensemble chorus lift their voices.


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