Antarctica & Patagonia Dispatch


Antarctic & Patagonia Holiday Dispatch, 12 Dec 2013

We awoke to a gorgeous, if bumpy, morning out in the Pacific Ocean. As we steamed down the Chilean coast toward Puerto Montt, the sun was above us and we began our day with breakfast and later bird watching on the outer decks.  Though the rolling seas could be uncomfortable at times, the stiff winds are exhilarating for the seabirds we find offshore in the Pacific.  We were treated to a view of a Grey-headed albatross as well as a number of shearwaters including the beautiful chocolate-brown Sooty shearwater.

Bird-spotting on deck with the expedition team on a sunny day

Late in the day we listened to Dr. Mariano Albano discuss the seabirds of Chile and are now keeping our eyes open for albatross, shearwaters, petrels, and the other gorgeous birds of the region.  Just before dinner we joined Captain Bjarne Larsen and his senior officers for a welcoming cocktail party to usher in this amazing adventure in style.  Dressed in our finest we headed for dinner and ended the evening listening to the fantastic voice of Lorraine Brown as she sang some of our favorite songs.

Seabourn Quest’s bow parts the seas en route to Puerto Montt.

Late tonight we will sail back into the protected waters of the Chilean coast and we all headed to bed early so we could be well-rested for our first port visit tomorrow in gorgeous Puerto Montt!*

-Alex Borowicz


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