Robin West Offers Travel Tips for Antarctic Cruising


We receive many questions from guests about our Antarctica & Patagonia cruises.

What should I pack?

What should I bring?

What will I see?

So, we turned to our Robin West, our manager of Expedition Operations & Planning, for some advice. With more than 40 Antarctica voyages under his belt, he definitely knows how to prepare for a trip to the White Continent. Here is a list of travel tips from Robin for traveling to Antarctica.

-         Bring binoculars - There’s so much wildlife to see even from your veranda or the deck of the ship that binoculars will come in very handy.

-         Check your cameras to be sure the lenses are clean (ice and snow show specks or spots!) and the batteries are fresh.

-        Bring spare camera batteries, because cold weather shortens battery life.

-         Bring the right outdoor gear. Weather changes by the hour. Have what you need.

-         Bring two pairs of gloves. Have an extra pair in case you lose one or they get wet.

-         Do your research and read before you come. The more you know, the more you will enjoy and appreciate Antarctica.

-         Sunrise in Antarctica is one of the beautiful sights to witness. I highly recommend that guests wake up early (or stay up!) to catch a sunrise in Antarctica. You won’t regret it!

-         Take the time to really watch wildlife behavior. Each penguin species has its own personality. Watch them socialize and interact, and these individual quirks become familiar, and fun.

-        Ask your Expedition Team as many questions as you want. These experts have a wealth of knowledge about Antarctica’s land, wildlife and environment to share with you.  They can enrich your experience.

-         Make sure to take a moment to sit and just BE in Antarctica. Between the wildlife and the magnificent scenery, you’ll be tempted to do more, see it all and take as many photos as you can. But don’t forget to stop and just soak it all in. It is the most magnificent place on earth.

-         There is never a bad day in Antarctica.

Robin West in Alaska


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