Seabourn Encore – The Newest Ultra-Luxury Ship Everyone’s Talking About


Nearly three months after her official naming ceremony in Singapore, Seabourn Encore continues to receive rave reviews and positive feedback from journalists and media outlets across the globe. From her sleek design to the culinary offerings to our new partnerships, the commentary is worth a read. Here are some coverage highlights.

Five things to love about luxury line Seabourn's new ship

“Encore also features a new, more yacht-like decor -- the handiwork of celebrated hospitality designer Adam Tihany. Tihany says he was going for something a little sexier than the Nordic-style sleekness of the earlier ships…still, Encore is a lovely ship. Intimate, refined and luxurious in a quiet way, it is perfectly tailored to the Seabourn customer.” – Gene Sloan, USA Today

We joined the world's most luxurious new cruise ship on its maiden voyage to Bali

“It is not often one feels almost reluctant to reach a ship’s first port of call – particularly after two days at sea. But so it was after my first couple of days on Seabourn Encore last month.

The arrival of the fourth ship in the cruise line’s luxury fleet had been much anticipated. Seabourn boasts a ratio of almost one staff member to each passenger, and each ship features a signature water-sports marina, all-suite cabins and an inclusive price policy. The line has won a loyal following for its casual approach to luxury cruising – and has twice been voted Best Small Cruise Line in The Telegraph’s annual Travel Awards.” – Alex Holt, The Daily Telegraph

Seabourn Encore

Ship shape: luxury cruise line Seabourn launches the Encore

“Despite the impressive statistics – 13 levels and a full sailing capacity of 600 passengers – there is little sense of the madding crowd. A judicious spread of venues and activities disperses passengers across two swimming pools, library, six whirlpools, small casino, seven lounges and bars, a swanky spa headlined by Dr. Andrew Weil and at least six dining options, one of which is The Grill by Thomas Keller.” – Daven Wu,

Encore takes a bow

“I’m on the maiden voyage of the shiny new, all-inclusive Seabourn Encore, and I quickly realise this is no ordinary ship. The crew are practically psychic, as you’d expect on an ultra-luxury line, but the whole service ethic is intelligent and friendly rather than servile or obsequious. From Captain Mark Dexter, a jolly, cricket-mad Brit, to our South African cabin steward, everybody makes time to chat. The crew don’t just memorise guests’ names for each cruise; they remember them from voyages past. When we board in Singapore I feel as though we’ve turned up at a cocktail party that’s already in full swing – and that’s on the gangway. Handré, the charming South African cruise director, is being hugged by one passenger after another. “What?” our fellow guests exclaim. “You’ve never sailed with Seabourn? Why ever not?”” – Sue Bryant, World of Cruising

We Jumped Onboard A Luxury Ship To Find Out What Non-Cruisers Have Been Missing

“Champagne need refilling? It's done before you've even raised your glass. After some lime in your soda? Sunnies need wiping clean? Nothing is too much, people…With 14 decks the ultra-luxury ship is for those looking for complete indulgence, without the crowds. And for those non-cruisers? It might just be the ship to change your mind.” – Julia Naughton, Huffington Post

Seabourn Encore cruise ship review: Lapping up luxury in oceans heaven

“Opulence and indulgence are what this newly launched ship, which entered Australian waters for the first time on Sunday, is all about. Its owners call it ultra-luxury cruising. Each of its 300 suites has a private verandah, wine and spirits flow freely throughout the voyage and stewards memorise passengers' names long before they've stepped on board.” – Sue Bennett, Traveller in The Sydney Morning Herald

The sexiest ship at sea? Top designer goes curvy with Seabourn Encore

“After sailing on several Seabourn voyages to get a feel for the line, Tihany says he told Seabourn executives his idea for the design was that "it's not going to be a ship, it's going to be a luxury yacht." Still, the design isn't a radical departure from the earlier vessels. Tihany calls it evolutionary, not revolutionary, and that's on purpose. Seabourn has a lot of long-time fans who could have been upset with a drastic change, he says.” – Gene Sloan, USA Today

Sexy curves accentuate Adam Tihany's Seabourn Encore design

“So the changes are subtle but impactful. Take Seabourn Square, for example. On the original Odyssey-class trio, the center of this lounge/library/coffee bar houses the concierge in an area that's enclosed by a square. On Encore, there's no enclosure, and this simple change dramatically opens the space.

The actual bar of the Observation Bar is now round, instead of square, and it's topped by a skylight, bringing height and light to this high-up perch.

When passengers arrive at The Colonnade, the ship's casual dining spot, they're immediately drawn in by a colorful, market-like display of foods presented on round and oval stations, while the seating areas are beyond. On the original ships, the seating is close to the entrance and the buffet is beyond.” – Anne Kalosh, Seatrade Cruise News

Glamour ship unveiled

“Size matters - suites range from 23 to 120 square metres, all with private verandas, large marble bathrooms with separate shower and full-size tub, and walk-in robes. Some of the most distinctive interiors, however, are the cleverly styled small spaces: a 30-seat restaurant called Sushi, with an L-shaped granite bar, retro curved chrome-framed windows and smart recessed lighting and mirrors, for example, and The Retreat, with 15 cabanas arranged around a top-deck whirlpool, each with fully stocked fridges, a spa menu and screens for watching movies.” – Helen Anderson, Gourmet Traveller

Seabourn Encore Review

“The ship is laid out such that all the accommodations are forward and all the public areas are aft. The compact size, combined with the presence of forward and aft elevators and staircases, in addition to a dazzling spiral feature staircase looping from Deck 10 down to Deck 3, means that passenger flow is excellent.

One of the features Seabourn regulars said they liked best about Encore was the increased choice of restaurants. Quite simply, there was no bad meal. From the casual buffet in The Colonnade to the new Grill by Thomas Keller, the jewel in the ship's crown, the food is superb, in quality, presentation and the variety offered. Locally sourced fruit appears on the buffet; the Japanese dishes in Sushi had real authenticity; and there's even a booklet in each cabin explaining the provenance of the dishes in The Grill by Thomas Keller, where the food is sourced from Keller's own suppliers. This is certainly a ship for food-lovers. The vegetarian offering is excellent, too.

Service is superb: attentive and intuitive. Crew will go out of their way to make something happen, for example, finding you an outside table for two on a warm night, or running down to Seabourn Square to collect a breakfast cappuccino …

Bottom Line: Gorgeous new ship with a rich, sophisticated look, superb food and an un-stuffy vibe” – Sue Bryant, Cruise Critic

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