Seabourn Legend Bridge Team Lines Up for Norway


Captain Dag Dvergastein took Seabourn Legend on its final cruise under the Seabourn banner in Norway this month. They arrived at Flåm at the head of Sognefjord on a spectacular sunny day, and Second Officer Robin Yates sent along this photo of the Bridge Team assembled on deck against the view of the lacy waterfalls that grace the sloping walls of the fjord. Handsome group, don’t you agree?

Seabourn Legend captain and crew on its final cruise

Legend Proud:  First Officer Miroslav Dimitrov, Safety & Environmental Officer Ognyan Dyankov, Staff Captain Nikolay Nikolov, Captain Dag Dvergastein, Second Officer Anthony Ubarte, Third Officer Katarzyna Sobolewska, Firs officer Nikolay Souckov, Third Officer Jonathan Pentony, Second Officer Robin Yates. 


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