Seabourn Legend Stages Fabulous Bollywood Night in India


Seabourn Legend passed through India on its last repositioning cruise from Asia to Europe. While the scent of Indian spices was in the air, Cruise Director Aaron Syfert and the entire Entertainment Team put together “… a Bollywood-themed Rock the Boat Night out on deck - along with a beautiful deck BBQ organized by Maitre d' Eddie, Chef Franck and their teams while leaving Mangalore. Guests were encouraged to go out and purchase saris and dohti kurtas and as you can see, many participated in the fun! It was a definite Seabourn Moment for both guests and crew as we danced the night away under the Indian skies.”


Seabourn Legend’s entertainment team turned out in full mufti to set the tone.


 Passage to India: Seabourn Legend guests got into the spirit -- and into the costumes-- for a great night of Bollywood madness on deck under the stars.


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