Seabourn Legend on Top of the World


We have posted a lot of stories about Seabourn Quest’s first season sailing in Antarctica. But Seabourn Legend Captain Dag Dvergastein sent some stunning pictures to remind us that the world is largely comprised of ice at both ends! Seabourn Legend is sailing north of Scandinavia visiting the Norwegian islands of Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean this summer. Like the Antarctic, the arctic realm supports a large population of very specialized animals: millions of seabirds, as well as seals, polar bears, arctic foxes, whales, walruses and reindeer. The rugged, dramatically scaled landscapes and the wildlife make the arctic a fascinating place to explore by sea.

 Seabourn Legend sails among bizarrely sculpted icebergs 

Seabourn Legend sails among bizarrely sculpted icebergs in Magdalenefjord, on the island of Spitsbergen. 

 Seabourn Legend in the great North Polar icepack

Captain Dvergastein gently noses Seabourn Legend in among the floes at the edge of the great North Polar icepack. There is nothing but ice between them and the Pole.


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