The Seabourn Selfie


Seabourn Sojourn Cruise Director Verity Teiho-Brown says that the Rock the Boat parties on board are likely to create some remarkable spontaneous moments. As if on cue, one recent party on deck spawned an impromptu selfie taken by vocalist and vocal group manager Dan Haslam, who captured himself, band leader Zach Pyke and band guitarist Brendan O’Donnell, as well as a group of guests who seemed only to eager to be featured in the picture. It has all the grit and graininess we have come to expect of a night-time selfie, and a lot of the spirit of fun that characterizes a Rock the Boat party. Thanks, Verity for sending it along!

Dan Haslam’s Sojourn Selfie.

Dan Haslam’s Sojourn Selfie.


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