Brand New Seabourn Odyssey Construction Shots

As Seabourn Odyssey was being towed to the drydock, we got the first chance to see her in full profile. She is completely different from most cruising vessels being built today. She really is an elegant Italian yacht. Look at that raked prow and the graceful slope of her “brow” made by the terraced decks. Note the bulbous bow, which will be underwater when she is fully loaded. That serves to divide the water as she goes forward and reduce the drag on the hull, making her much more fuel efficient. From astern, you again see the sloped “wedding cake” of deck terraces that will give her a distinctive profile. When she is finished, we won’t be able to see under her stern like this. The rudders and propellers will be under there, and she will sit lower in the water after they get all the champagne and caviar on board!


Wow, I can actually see where Suite 620 will be when we step aboard in Instanbul next October. We will be abord for 24 days, so it better be comfy. I' wondering where the walking deck will be. The Pride had such a puny little walking deck. If anyone knows, send me a whistle.

Some great pictures! Quite the bulb.


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