Incredible New Pictures of Seabourn Odyssey

Blog correspondent Chief Engineer Neil Carney sent some more photos taken during Odyssey’s time in the drydock. As he told us, at that time most of Seabourn Odyssey's below-the-waterline equipment was installed while she was “high and dry.”  In the first photo below, you see a view of Seabourn Odyssey that you’re unlikely to ever see again, showing the beautiful new five-blade propellers, the rudders and the all-important propeller shafts. Then we added another couple of pictures of the drydock being flooded to refloat Odyssey and a picture from behind as she was repositioned to the fitting-out dock.  Thanks, Neil!


Beautiful siluette!!! Any pictures of the ship halls, cabins, resturants, elevators, theatre? Thanks

@Frank Thanks Frank! We will be posting more pictures as the Odyssey comes along. Stay tuned.

Pictures are very nice and sure one will enjoy while traveling on this. Rose.

yo... Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!...

Beautiful vessel I really enjoy cruise ships. I should get more information and write some post about this vessel. Thank for the idea.

Attention Neil Carney,Genoa.For Neil Carney.Enjoying your reports on progress at Genoa.Intend to pass by and have a look from shoreside soon as the winter weather eases up.Location Stresa, Lake Maggiore,about 170 km from Genoa.Cheers,Frank(Scouse)

Neil:Great news and photos.See you there..


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