Too Many Cooks? Seabourn Has it All Mapped Out.

What would Seabourn be without its renowned cuisine? A sadder, less satisfying place, that’s for sure.  For Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn’s Director of Culinary and Beverage Operations Tony Egger has been working with Corporate Executive Chef Jochem Lambrechts and Odyssey Executive Chef Graeme Cockburn to get ready for launch… New dishes are being added to our existing menus, recipes are being documented, china purchased, and sophisticated equipment is being sourced from vendors all over the world. Tony has been a frequent visitor to the shipyard, just to make sure all the kitchens are constructed according to his plans. The main kitchen, which is over 6,400 square feet, is constructed on two mirror plans, so that during the dinner service the staff can be divided into two lines to ensure speedy service. The Colonnade and Restaurant 2 will operate out of a combined galley on Deck 8; the Officer and Crew Mess has its fully equipped galley on Deck 3 and the Patio Grill has another galley of its own. Too many chefs in the kitchen or too many kitchens for the chefs? Let’s have a look at the manning: The Executive Chef de Cuisine supervises all the outlets. He’s responsible for proper manning, flawless and timely execution of all dishes, ordering of provisions, quality of food, maintaining Public Health standards and more.  In order to accomplish all of this he’s assisted by a workforce of 57: 1 Chef de Cuisine – Colonnade 3 Executive Sous Chef 1 Executive Pastry Chef 1 Patio Chef 13 Chef de Partie 2 Chef de Partie - Crew 1 Baker 1 Asst. Baker 1 Butcher 1 Asst. Butcher 11 Demi Chef de Partie 3 Demi Chef de Partie – Pastry 1 Utility #1 14 Utility Staff 1 Garbage Manager 2 Utility Garbage Staff


Hi. Wow! sounds like a great team. Was wondering how are the manning in the Engine department and the Deck Dept? As those departments are the ones behind the scenes running / operating the new class of vessels. Thanks regards, An old seaman

Good Luck to them all en special for Jochem Lambrechts From of freind of Rest De Barrier in Houthalen Belgium and Jochem how is young Vandesanden do it on board is he still on the Spirit Greatings

We have just found your blog site and enjoyed reading all about the building of Odyssey. It was interesting to see the staffing levels and disciplines being proposed. Photographs have been a great help and we look forward to keeping in touch with her progress in this manner. We are already getting excited and looking forward very much to our World Odyssey 1 cruise in January 2010, from information given so far we are in for a real treat.

I have searched the Odyssey web site for deck layouts and passenger capacity and can find very little information about the ship.

Hello Mr. Shargool. This is a blog and not necessarily the best place for that sort of information. But if you click the link to Seabourn's main website you will find complete deck plans and all sorts of information about Odyssey and Seabourn's other yachts.

Wow, that sure is a big kitchen but with the team of cooks and utility workers, they're bound to whip up some great meals. Sounds like a great dining experience!


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