Seabourn Odyssey Features Great Live Entertainment

Evening entertainment on Seabourn Odyssey will follow the pattern on board Seabourn’s existing yachts: lots of variety and a range of styles and atmospheres to match any mood. From piano stylings up at the Observation Bar to lively music that will keep dancers in The Club on their feet, guests can choose how they want to spend their evenings, or migrate from one mood to the next.  Odyssey’s largest lounge, the Grand Salon, is set up with a mix of tiered, showroom-type seating and artfully-designed banquettes. It has a large dance floor and stage, and will be the ideal place for guests who want to enjoy a set of four new vocal productions that have been custom designed for Seabourn Odyssey. Designed and arranged by top musical maven Belinda King, the shows feature four outstanding vocalists and a pair of professional dancers. They are themed to present different sorts of music with appropriate costumes, sets and choreography to add visual appeal. Briefly, the themes will be “Encore,” recasting contemporary songs in classical styles in a mix of light opera with sophisticated elegance. “The Look of Love” will feature the songs of Burt Bacharach, whose complex-yet-accessible compositions have provided the soundtrack of a generation.  Cutting-edge musical theater is the theme of “Limelight,” with Billy Joel songs from “Movin’ Out,” tunes from “Wicked” and the rock-n-roll of “Dirty Dancing.” Close harmonies and jazzy arrangements make “Vocalize” a tour-de-force for the quartet, upbeat, punchy and smooth as silk. Other evenings the Grand Salon may host classical musicians, guest entertainers or a local folkloric show from ashore.


please supply details of Venice/Florence trip referred to in news letter today-eg dates available/information


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