Meet Peter Cox, Seabourn’s Destination Master

Peter Cox

Peter Cox

Peter A.M. Cox is Seabourn’s Director of Itinerary Planning and Development.  He is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and insightful destination experts in the world. Originally from The Netherlands, Peter started his travel career as an enthusiastic amateur, hitchhiking across North Africa and traveling in Asia during the off-season from his summer jobs as a tour director in Europe. His itineraries included South America and the United States as well (he once spent three and a half months driving around the U.S. in an old Ford Falcon.) His seagoing experience began in 1974 as a tour manager on world cruises aboard Norwegian American Line’s Sagafjord, and diverse summer itineraries on Vistafjord. Peter “came ashore” in1980 to begin researching and planning itineraries and land programs for Pearl Cruises, a pioneer of year-round Asia cruises with Pearl of Scandinavia, based in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Six years later Peter moved to cutting-edge expedition cruise operator Society Expeditions in Seattle, planning itineraries for World Discoverer and Society Explorer, the leading expedition-style vessels of the time, carrying intrepid travelers on all-inclusive adventures from the Arctic to Antarctica, the Amazon to the South Pacific and beyond. Peter joined Seabourn in its San Francisco headquarters in 1993, and has been planning the cruise itineraries and land programs since then. Peter has agreed to provide for us some expert insights into Seabourn Pride’s cruises in Asia: why you should want to visit Asia, and what to expect when you do. We will post them in two parts, Wednesday and Friday.


Looking forward to your posts on Asia.

G Day Peter boy do you have a tough job. So many place to visit. Have you thought about going to Alaska ? Ive been at sea for 7 and a half years with RCCL and Fred Olsen cruise lines and Ive been to some wonderful places but my first choice if I was a passenger would be to visit Alaska. Its the best. When you travel to all the different location and countries do you try to match up the food with the locations you visit? When the Blacdk Watch visited Australia a few years ago now I was Asked by the Corporate Chef to make a Menu for the 2 week visit to Australia. It was a big job to try and match the food from different states we visited but the passengers and crew all loved the food I had selected. Australia as a country doesnt have an Australian food. Like Italy has pasta. So what I did was to make the menu that the state produced, wines, cheeses,fruits, veg and meats & seafoods.


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