We’re very pleased to announce that we have created a dedicated team of sales and reservations specialists in Sydney, Australia.  This is in response to a growing volume of travel agencies selling its ultra-luxury cruises to upscale Australian travelers, and the new office will enable our team to better provide Australians with the sort of individualized attention that has made us an icon of exceptional service. You can read more about our new Australia office here:


Australia is the new hotspot for cruisers and lots and more Australians are starting to cruise. This is a good move.

Can I book direct with you?

Hi, welcome to Sydney. We have had the pleasure of 2 Seabourn cruises over the past 18 months and will be going again. Good to see Sydney has it's own Seabourn office. Kind regards, Kim Beauchamp

Great to see Seabourn in Australia. We booked this year with Seabourn using Vacations to go in America and have had endless problems with time zones when there was an error with our booking.Life should be easier next time.Will you be planning inclusive airfares from OZ?


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