Celebrating 2,500 Days on Seabourn

The staff on Seabourn Quest recently organized a special surprise for one of our most loyal guests, Mrs. Alene Witzke.  It turns out that Mrs. Witzke hit a milestone when she was sailing on Seabourn Quest earlier this month – she reached 2,500 nights on Seabourn, which is nearly seven years!! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the staff told her they arranged a special visit to the bridge. As they took her through deck 6 forward, she pointed out to the crew that they were not going the correct way to the bridge. Having sailed on Seabourn so many times, it’s no surprise she knows her way around the ship very well.  They simply told her that they were taking a shortcut just for her and when they stepped out to the bow of a ship, she was greeted with a roar of applause and cheers from most of the entire ship staff! Captain Geir-Arne Thue-Nilsen shared several photos from the celebration. Congratulations, Mrs. Witzke! We thank you for sailing with us throughout the years and look forward to welcoming you aboard again soon!

The staff applauds Mrs. Witzke as Captain Geir-Arne Thue-Nilsen leads her to a special seat among the crowd.

Congratulations, Mrs. Witzke!

Staff congratulates her on her 2,500 days with Seabourn.

Mrs. Witzke eventually did pay a visit to the bridge!


A big hug to Mrs Witzke from Thibaut & Mathieu Barbe, Tine Loncke and Sofie Deceuninck. Mrs Witzke it was so nice to meet you on board last week. You are an amazing woman. I'll never forget you. Best regards from Sofie Deceuninck & the rest of our group

I could be a Mrs. Witzke if I had the $$ to spend freely. Keep sailing Mrs. W and God Bless you.

What a wonderful opportunity to be on Seabourn for 2500 days. I have only had the opportunity for two cruises, but they were both wonderful. I think Seabourn is the "best" cruise line...and look forward to another opportunity to sail again. Congratulations to Mrs. Witzke.


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