Congratulations to Jan Stearman!

A BIG congratulations goes out to Jan Stearman, cruise director aboard Seabourn Legend! Seabourn recently honored her with the 2011 President’s Leadership Award, which celebrates and showcases exemplary colleagues who go above and beyond to deliver the outstanding Seabourn cruise experience. She received a plaque commemorating the award and $5,000, and will also receive a diamond lapel pin. Seabourn Legend Captain Andrew Pedder recognized Jan on two separate occasions – once during the captain’s gala reception in front of guests and also during a separate presentation in front her fellow staff members. “Many guests have commented to me how nice it was to see Jan’s professionalism and hard work acknowledged. And the entire crew agree that Jan is a worthy winner,” said Captain Pedder. In addition to Jan’s outstanding skills as a cruise director, her nomination form noted her dedication to safety: “She expects us to take drills seriously and to go a step further and instruct our peers to do the same. I have never had such thorough safety training with anyone as I have had with her. She leaves nothing to chance and as a result we feel better prepared for an emergency.” For nearly 17 years, Jan has been entertaining Seabourn guests and ensuring they have a special and unforgettable experience during their cruises.  “Keeping the guests interested, entertained, feeling special and at home is the job I find most challenging and most rewarding,” says Jan.

Front row: Jan Stearman receives the President’s Leadership Award from Seabourn Legend Captain Pedder during the captain’s gala reception. Back row (L to R): Hotel Manager Guillaume Colas, Staff Captain Krasimir Ivanov, Executive Chef Martin Kitzing, Chief Engineer Roger Kjolso, and Dr. Michael Woch.

During a team presentation with fellow staff members, Captain Pedder recognizes Jan for her outstanding hard work and dedication.


Congratulations Jan ! After sailing with different cruise lines for 25+ years I can say that by far you are the best Cruise Director in the entire industry. But, your singing and performing eclipses your CD skills and Safety skills. Long, Long Time Coming ! You Are the Best in a Fleet of the Best.

Hello Jan, Congratulations on your well deserved leadership award We are actually joining the Seabourn Odyssey in Sydney on 9th of February as far as Los Angeles but maybe we might catch up with you later in the year on another cruise In the meantime please tell Dan I definitely will pay him the huge amount of money that I have owed him for so long next time we meet ! Warm regards RODNEY

Jan is the consummate professional. She never misses a beat - and always has a smile. I met her recently on the Pride, and was so impressed with her attention to detail in all respects. Her music is thoughtful and well chosen - and her persona and graciousness are unsurpassed. Thanks Jan - for all you do. Warmest regards, Betsy

I had the honour and pleasure to meet Jan several times but almost 8- 10 years back. Also for me Jan is an outstanding Cruise Director and a remarkable person. I always hope to meet her agian, but regret very much that i missed her for several years now. As my sign of dedication to Jan I have choosen as cover picture on my face book the photo taken when we got a medal for xxx days of sailing with seabourn. Jan, please accept my sincerest wishes for many more days on seabourn ships and i do hope to meet you again somewhere in the world. Karl Ziegler

Congratulations, Jan! Well deserved - Fair winds to you in 2012 and all on Legend.

Congrats Jan, you are absolutely lovely and i am not surprised that you still doing this work - it suits you like a glove:) I bet you still are successful and charming. Best Regards and <3 from Sweden Stefan

Congratulations, Jan! You are outstanding at everything you do and every passenger and crew member aboard the Seabourn is lucky to have you as Cruise Director. Just saw the video of "Toast To Broadway" and your rendition of "Music That Makes Me Dance" is a killer! Please let me know next time you're in NYC...I've been trying to find you! Warmly, Laura


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