Odyssey Crew Visits Petra

Julian Simpson, crew purser of Seabourn Odyssey, organized a crew excursion to Petra last month during Seabourn Odyssey's full-day stay at Aqaba, Jordan. After a drive up the King's Highway, the group set off down the Siq, a narrow, twisting canyon between towering stone cliffs. Just when it seems you are going nowhere, you turn one last corner and there is this building, the so-called "Treasury" looming dead ahead. Thank you, Julian, for sending us this beautiful photograph!
Seabourn Odyssey crew pose in front of Petra’s towering Treasury, carved into the stone cliff.


Petra remains one of our favorite shore excursions. To trudge along a narrow path flanked by towering cliffs, then suddenly arrive at a courtyard filled with camels and their drivers in colorful costumes wandering among giant structures carved out of stone --- it rivaled any movie set we'd ever seen! The experience is so iconic and remarkable that it really defies description. I am so glad the Seabourn staff had the opportunity to see this.


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