New Seabourn Sisters on the Way...

Odyssey Blog Correspondent Neil Carney gives us an update on the two Seabourn yachts that are also under construction.....
Neil Carney

Neil Carney

"Whilst a lot of attention is being focused on the building of MAR062, or Seabourn Odyssey as you know her, it should not be forgotten that there are an additional two Seabourn sisters also under construction - MAR063 and MAR064. During the last two weeks, we have conducted "Factory Acceptance test's" (FATs) for MAR063 Wartsila Engines at the Wartsila factory test center in Vaasa, Finland. If you are wondering what this involves, the engine maker demonstrates the engine to the Classification Society (RINA - with these vessels,) Carnival Shipbuilding and ourselves, Seabourn." During this time, the engines were put through a test run protocol, where the engine is run on various loads up to 100% & 110% MCR (Max Continous Rating) and detailed performance measurements are taken to ensure it can perform as required. The second part of the inspection is where, during the next day, the engine is opened. This procedure checks for wear on bearingsĀ  and other mechanical issues. This photo shows Engine No.3 in the inspection workshop. All Engines passed with flying colours. These engines are now ready for a final paint job and then for shipment to be installed in MAR063."


You should give reference as to the size of this engine, i.e. a person standing next to it. Would I be incorrect in suggesting that this engine is a diesel electric unit. Regards Wayne E. Porter

Right you are, Mr. Porter. Odyssey and her sisters will have two fully independent engine room compartments for electrical generation. Likewise there will be two independent propulsion compartments with the electric motors, controls and shafting for the propellers. As for size, the non-technical term is BIG! That's why Neil has to wear those ear protectors he has siitng on top of his head. bgood

The reference as to the size of this engine is there - look to the left: there is a pallet (of chemicals?) that can give you an idea of the size. Yet, agree, adding an attractive model would make it easier/nicer ;-) Jacek

Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest have VSDs on cooling water pumps and ventilation fans. The electric propulsion motor is run on a cyclo-convertor which is more or less a big VSD. Not sure if that is what you mean to ask. Seabourn Pride, Spirit and Legend have direct drive so no VSDs.


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