Seabourn Odyssey Goes Green

Seabourn has always utilized eco-friendly practices, and Odyssey will surpass all previous standards. For instance,  advanced technology allows us to forgo conventional oil-lubricated stern tubes and shaft seals for Thorden water-lubricated bearings (as seen above in the “I” & “V” Bracket photo’s and a ManeSeal from Wartsila/Deep Sea Seals.) Using water-lubricated bearings removes any chance of any oil leakage/pollution if the stern tube was damaged – as there is NO oil. We simply pump “seawater” to lubricate the bearings, which is possible due to the special material the bearings are made from. For more information on the manufacturers, check out and


Very cool - seawater for lubrication! Does anyone know if the Odyssey will utilize any other green energy devises such as solar panels or LED lighting?

Odyssey will comply with all requirements for the RINA certification as a "Green Ship," including "Green Sea" and Green Sky" sections--meaning water and air. We will be posting more eco-friendly details as the building proceeds.

The web address for Thordonbearing is not working. It's a small typo. it says ".com." The correct one will be Interesting technology.

Thanks, Tor. bgood


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