Engine Facts from Odyssey's Chief Engineer

Our shipyard correspondent Chief Engineer Neil Carney has filed an update on the engines pictured in an earlier report. Those, as you may recall, were destined for the second Seabourn sister: Seabourn Sojourn. "I write this as an update to both my blog of 3rd Nov'08 - Seabourn Sojourn's (MAR063) Wartsila Engine FAT's and what's just happening in Port Nogaro with those engines. I also hope it answers the interest raised in the comment written by Wayne E Porter to that blog report." Engine Facts and figures - Maker - Wartsila - of Finland Type - W12V32B3 - meaning a V12 engine with a bore of 320mm in the Wartsila's B3 configuration. Number on Odyssey - 4 (Four) Power (each) - 100% MCR - 5760 KW or 7830 BHP No of Cylinder - 12 - V configuration (55deg) The Crankshaft is a one piece fully forged, fully balanced and in an underslung configuration. Clylinder Bore - 320mm (about 12 inches) Piston Stroke - 400mm (about 15 inches) Turbocharged - 2 fitted - maker ABB Fuel System - Non Common Rail, burning IFO 380cst Waste Gas heat recovery - yes - Each engine fitted with an exhaust gas economizer Electrical Alternator - Maker - VEM Voltage - 6600 Volts Frequency - 60 Hz Power - 6920 Kva Weights and Measures - Total weight Engine and Alternator unit - 100 metric tones (about 110 tons) Total Length - 10 mtrs  (32 feet) Max Height - 4 mtrs  (13 feet) Max width - 3 mtrs  (10 feet) The small bits - Each Piston weighs 82 kg (180 lbs.) Each Cylinder head weighs 410 kg (904 lbs.) "I hope this gives a bit more of an insight in to the impressive nature of these engines. I reported on the 3rd Nov that the engines for MAR063, to be named Seabourn Sojourn, would soon be on their way to Porto Nogaro to be fitted into the hull. Well just this last week, the engines arrived and in just one day, the engines were lifted from the transport ship and into the hull, onto their foundations, safe and sound. To give you some idea of this operation, there are two photos of the engines being fitted into Odyssey which was completed in June, earlier this year."


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