Experience Seabourn’s Signature “Caviar in the Surf”


If there is one Seabourn event you should experience, it is definitely our signature “Caviar in the Surf” beach barbecue. It’s a favorite among our guests and what’s not to like about it? Our uniformed staff members plunge into the water and deliver champagne and caviar to guests from a surfboard bar. The day is complete with a lavish barbecue lunch, watersports, music and ample time to soak up the sun on a white-sandy beach or take a dip in the azure waters of the Caribbean.

Below is a short video for a taste of our legendary Caviar in the Surf experience. And if this whets your appetite, why don’t you sail with us in the Caribbean this fall and winter? We're certain this will be an experience you will never forget!



I will be on one of the Caribbean cruises this fall. Do you know which stop on the itinerary will be the caviar in the surf?

Hello! Which ship and date will you be on?

Do you do these events in other places, like Australia where we will be cruising?

We offer Caviar in the Surf in the Caribbean and Ko Kood, Thailand, but not in Australia.

Caviar in the surf is just about the Best. Event. Ever. But to be honest, your video does not come close to capturing how much FUN it is! Yes, the video is lovely, and relaxed, but this is a fun event, and it shows when the crew seem to have as much fun as the guests. Only, you would never know it from this video! I am looking forward to experiencing it again in October.

We agree entirely with Florida Keys Girl. Caviar in the Surf is just something else, but the video, with its posed models, just doesn't get across the sheer fun of the occasion. Three times now, at Prickly Pear, Mayreau and Hunting Cays and all magical in different ways. At Mayreau in March, the challenge was a huge surge in the surf just as the crew had laid out the caviar and trimmings on the upturned surf board. Chef Imre managed to get the very precious cargo raised above his head and keep his footing in the sand at the same time, until the surge eased. Come on, Seabourn, video the 'real thing' - and the barbeque, since some guests think it's just a 'back yard burgers in a bun' event until they've experienced the event.

Thanks, Caviar Lover. We agree it's hard to show how much fun this event is. We do have a new video of the event that will be showing very soon on our YouTube channel and via our website. Hope it tells the story in a way you'll like better. Of course there's nothing like being there!


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