Fashion is Never Out of Style

Unanimous decision

Guests aboard Seabourn Odyssey were challenged by the entertainment team to create sea-worthy craft from materials on board. All guest-created ships were to be tested in the pool to ensure they would float, and preferably remain upright. The tank-testing was done on March 12 by Captain Bjarne Larsen and Staff Captain Todor Kantchev, and a clear winner emerged. Dubbed Seabourn Fashion, the elegant craft was laden to the gunwales with flair, and a bountiful cargo of je ne sais quoi that placed it at the head of the fleet. Mrs. Catherine Claus, who headed the winning team, had the following comment: “It is my pleasure to send you herewith the picture of the winning ship Seabourn Fashion, built as an homage to all Seabourn elegant travelling ladies by a team of Belgian, French and Swiss engineers on their way to Bali!”



look so amazing! I love this.


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