Guess the Name of Seabourn's New Yacht and Win a Free Cruise!

Win a complimentary 7-day cruise for two during the maiden year of Seabourn’s third new ultra luxury yacht, just by guessing the name the vessel will be given when she is launched in June 2011. Use your imagination, your intuition – even your Ouija Board - to win a free week-long cruise aboard the next generation of ultra luxury cruising vessel. Like our other Seabourn yachts, their new sister will have the first name Seabourn. It’s the second half that you need to divine in order to win. Take as many guesses as you want, and submit your guesses by e-mail to Don’t forget to include your name and contact information. Entries must be received by December 4, 2009. In case of identical correct guesses, the winner will be drawn at random from among all correct guesses. The award is a complimentary 7-day cruise in a minimum category suite anywhere the new ship sails between her second scheduled cruise in 2011 and June of 2012, and is subject to space availability. Prize cruise does not include airfare, ground transfers or onboard purchases. All expenses not specifically stated are the sole responsibility of the winner. The award is not transferable and non-refundable. All terms and conditions of Seabourn Cruise Line’s standard Ticket Contract of Passage, as well as those stated in the General Information section of Seabourn’s brochure, shall be applicable to the cruise. In case the winner is unable to utilize available space during the maiden year, a 7-day cruise on another Seabourn yacht may be substituted.


Are we able to submit our suggested names for the new Seabourn ship here? If so, the two (2) names we'd like to submit at this time are: Seabourn Orginiator OR Seabourn Beguiled. Let us know if we win...hee, hee, Thanks. Dr. & Mrs. Karl Kassity; H: 805 687 1159 Email:

My suggestions for the new ship are \Eden\, \Mirage\, and \Miracle\

I always like a fabulous contest! Merci!!!

The new name schould be either Seabourne Dawn or Seabourn Glory or Seabourne Phoenix

From the "Spirit" in Valencia:- How about- Seabourne Excursion Seabourne Expedition Seabourne Explorer Seabourne Progress Seabourne Passage (my favourite) Seabourne Journey Thanks, must get ready for dinner! Raymond

I think it might be named Seabourn Illiad to complement The Odessy and then Seabourn Classic to follow the trend.

I would like to submit some names, I hope to win.So we can take another cruise with fabulous Seabourn. I suggest : SEABOURN CLIPPER, SEABOURN FANTASY, SEABOURN ADVENTURE,SEABOURN FREEDOM , SEABOURN SEABREZZE, See you in my next cruise !!!! X.Blum


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