Introducing Antarctic Dispatches


Seabourn Quest has sailed on her inaugural “Ultimate Antarctica & Patagonia” voyage, and the dispatches from the expedition team on board have already started. The first, below, is from Assistant Expedition Leader Chris Srigley. We’ll be posting pictures and stories virtually every day, so be sure to check back often and follow Seabourn Quest, her guests and the intrepid team of expedition staff, scientists, naturalists and photographers as they explore this fascinating and photogenic region.

November 20, 2013

And the expedition begins! We started arriving early afternoon for Seabourn’s Ultimate Antarctica and Patagonia cruise. Excitement reverberated throughout the ship as talk centered on penguins, whales and icebergs. This voyage will mark Seabourn’s inaugural foray into the great Southern Ocean; a chance for us to walk on and experience the wildlife and landscapes of Antarctica, the last great continent to be discovered.

Arty, Seabourn’s Antarctic penguin mascot, greeted us as we came onboard the Quest and checked into our luxurious accommodations.

Once we were onboard the ship, our Captain and crew held a mandatory safety drill for all of us. We were briefed on emergency procedures and instructed on how to put on our life jackets. Argentine Customs and Immigration left the Quest, and we were finally ready to depart Buenos Aires. The sound of champagne corks and toasts could be heard throughout the ship. We were on our way!

Our Antarctic jackets and waterproof boots were in our suites when we boarded the ship. All of us looked quite spiffy in our new orange jackets and boots. We were also instructed to place our expedition footware in lockers so that it would be ready and waiting for our first day in Antarctica. Our expedition team recommended that our boots stay in these lockers, outdoors and on the deck:

“Better to keep your footwear out of your suites. Once you’ve had a couple of days walking around penguins and seals, you’ll be happy that your boots aren’t in the suite with you.”

Tonight, our beautiful Seabourn Quest sails to Montevideo, Uruguay. Even though ship entertainers sang and played piano music in various venues around the ship, the combination of a time change (our clocks moved forward an hour) and a long travel day meant that most of us were in bed not long after dinner.


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