John Mariani Raves, "Seabourn is the Best I Have Sailed On!"

Last Fall, famed food critic John Mariani sailed the Mediterranean with Seabourn. His opinion? "Seabourn was easily the best of the cruise ships I've ever traveled on--impeccable service, first-rate cuisine, very well-chosen wines, and passengers that reminded me of what it must have once been like to hobnob with those who sailed back in the 1950s." John Mariani interviewed Seabourn's VP of Marketing, Adam Snitzer, in the latest issue of his Virtual Gourmet. One of the questions included in the interview was.... JM: What makes the difference in price worth sailing on Seabourn rather than booking top accommodations on other lines? AS: The size of our ships differentiate us. Our current fleet carries  208 passengers, and our new ships, Odyssey (to sail in June 2009), Sojourn (2010) and a third (in 2011) will carry 450 guests, whereas big lines carry thousands. We think a small ship gives you certain advantages, a more sophisticated experience, better service,  and better food, which is served in more of a restaurant style than a banquet style.  Because of our size and because we often sail to smaller ports, or even when we go to a big port like St. Petersburg, Russia, we can go in and dock right in town.  Our pricing is comparable to what you'd pay for the upper suites on the big ships, with perhaps a 20% premium in price  But when you walk out of your suite on a big ship you are mingling with thousands of people and take part in that mass experience. On Seabourn you are always enjoying a more intimate and more sophisticated atmosphere. Thanks to John Mariani for such a fantastic article about Seabourn. We invite you back to sail with us anytime!


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