The Lady Has a Name...

name The latest update from Neil Carney at the Odyssey shipyard.... As we all know Seabourn Odyssey will be named in Venice. But it is a proud moment to actually see her name spelled out on the bow. As you can see from the photo, the starboard bow now has the steel letters of her name spot welded in place. Progress is going well with the engine makers’ commissioning engineers on site, her main engines have been started and we are undertaking the commissioning testing protocol for these. There is a change in feel on board now, the smell and the vibrations of the engine room - the on and off rumble the engines give each time they are started. There is a definite feel of life in her-- the heart beats-- and now with her soon-to-be name etched in steel. The pregnancy may be a bit more than nine months, but now the delivery is less than 3 months away. Bye from a sunny (yes, no rain) Genoa. Brgds: Neil


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