New Hot Chocolate Introduced on Seabourn Sojourn

The Hot Chocolate on a Stick that we showed you last month is making its way aboard the Seabourn fleet. Culinary and Beverage Operations Manager Bjoern Wassmuth introduced it on Seabourn Sojourn in May, holding a formal tasting event in Seabourn Square for sweet-toothed staff members.  Once it was made available, the tasty treat was welcomed warmly (sorry!) by enthusiastic guests. Fifty cups were ordered the first day.

Eight cups and four stripes. The tasting was the most popular muster of the month.


Stirred, not shaken: Bjoern demonstrates the technique to Hotel Manager Hubert Buelacher; Bjoern Wassmuth; Public Room Manager Bogdan Crnobrnja; F&B Manager Bozidar Copic; Executive Chef Andrew Soddy; Restaurant Manager Craig Coulson.


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