New Pictures from Seabourn Academy Training

Seabourn Personnel and Training Manager Jo Poelmans reports from Seabourn Pride in Paracas Bay, Peru that his covey of Seabourn Academy cadets are having a splendid seminar on board.  They are training for a range of different positions, from waitstaff in the Restaurant to cooking duties in the galley to training as Seabourn suite stewardesses in the housekeeping department. Jo took them all to the forward whirlpool spa located on Deck Five for a formal portrait, and they are indeed a great-looking bunch. That’s Jo seated in front. In the second picture, Jo is showing cadets from the Restaurant service brigade the finer points of preparing Crepes Suzette, a scrumptious flambé dessert that is a favorite of Seabourn guests. One of the first, and most important lessons about tableside flambé preparation is the skill of positioning the portable cooktop so that the fire sprinklers don’t come on and soak the table when the flames leap up after the brandy is added. Jo is quick to add ( with a laugh) that this portion of the hands-on training is undertaken only after the cadets have had their orientation and training in emergency procedures in case of fire….


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