No Beach? No Problem!

The resourceful food and beverage team on board Seabourn Sojourn wanted to give their guests a Seabourn signature Caviar in the Surf experience, but they were nowhere near a tropical beach. Chief Purser Belinda Smitheram got the pictures of their solution for us.


A day at the “beach.”


Team Together, Team All Wet: (Standing L-R) Bartender Juliya Zorenko, waiters Nagy Ferenc and Ilya Bondarev. (Seated L-R) Waiters Gkhan Sabahlar and Tracy Ashworth, Restaurant Manager Craig Coulson, Waiter Kevin Hook, F&B Manager Marco De Oliveira, Executive Chef Andrew Soddy, and Waiter Helga Kurcs. (In the pool) Saskia Feldmann.

Marco De Oliveira and Chef Soddy turning out the treats.


I was there on this amazing cruise.... The Staff, the ship,the food, \ the entertainers & the whole 19 days was a trip of a lifetime.... Thanks to all


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