The Odyssey Blog is a Hit!

Wow! We are thrilled at the amount of feedback we have received since launching this blog. It is so exciting to see present and future Seabourn guests engaged in an active conversation with us. It was our original plan to discuss the Odyssey maiden voyage in our second post, but we wanted to satisfy your curiosity about a few things first: Q. Where will Odyssey sail? A. In coming weeks, this blog will describe the Odyssey Maiden Voyage, World Cruises and excursions. Additionally, you can always view all Odyssey itineraries as well as sample shoreside excursions and ports by clicking the Plan Your Journey link at the top of the page. Q. Can you tell us about Odyssey accommodations and services? A. Of course! We will provide you with all the juicy details on the guest suites, staff services, dining, spa and a whole lot more. You can also download interactive deck plans and view illustrations of select amenities, like the pool patio, by navigating to the Yachts of Seabourn website. We will be adding lots of fun and exciting information to the blog, such as photos of Odyssey being built. Visit us twice a week and as always, keep the comments coming. We love hearing from you!


Great Blogg, how about a list of service crew members as known to date ie from Gunta down. Cheers Steve

Seabourn is on my mind & I realize that's why I'm drifting away, best i felt today. Blessings, Joe McWilliams


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