Odyssey Dining Experience Part II

Caviar in the Surf

Caviar in the Surf

Perhaps the most spectacular and most difficult to explain part about dining aboard a Seabourn yacht is the level of service you receive. It’s really something that is best experienced in person, but I will try to illuminate as best I can. For instance, we discussed in the last post how Charlie Palmer will continue his great relationship with Seabourn by creating menu items for Odyssey. But really, this is just one small detail of the Odyssey culinary experience. Yes, there are additional dining venues. Four, to be exact. Nightly dinners at the intimate indoor/outdoor Colonnade will feature influences of the cuisines of different countries or regions, i.e. Thai, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or Chinese, plus a selection of classic, always-available fare such as steaks, fish and roast chicken. Restaurant 2 will offer small-plates and tasting menus with a variety of intriguing food and wine pairings (oh, and we will get to the wine next time.) Additionally, the Patio Grill will allow guests to enjoy lunch and snacks by the pool and al fresco dinners in good weather. And don’t worry, as you have ample opportunities to enjoy every delicious item your stomach desires in your suite or on your private veranda. So those are the actual eateries, but what else? Well, everything is all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about signing chits every time you dine or enjoy a cocktail. Plus, tipping is neither required nor expected. The staff will know your name and know exactly what you like. Let’s say you happen to mention that you had a soufflé made with Grand Marnier while dining in Paris. Don’t be surprised if the next night, one is brought to you. The level of service is simply unmatched. Odyssey will also offer culinary adventures as part of the Seabourn Signature Delights. Imagine a silver-service beach barbecue where uniformed stewards wade out into the ocean to serve you caviar and champagne. Or maybe you would like to accompany one of our chefs in a shopping excursion to pick out ingredients for the evening meal. Tea enthusiasts will appreciate Seabourn to a Tea, an exclusive selection of unique blends like Himalayan Peak Darjeeling Organic, African Amber and Bleu Peacock Oolong. So there you go – some teaser information on just a few delicious culinary opportunities available to you as a guest aboard Seabourn Odyssey. If you would like to hear more, just let me know.


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