Odyssey Guest Services Trainees Arrive at HQ


Seabourn Guest Services Trainees

Seabourn Guest Services Trainees

The trainees for the Guest Services Specialists who will care for Odyssey guests at Seabourn Square have arrived in Seabourn’s Miami headquarters for a six-week course designed by Barbara Poelmans. They come from all three Seabourn sisters and from other places as well, but they are all gathered to meld into a team and learn everything there is to know about Seabourn Odyssey in particular and Seabourn in general.   Seen smiling in the lobby of Seabourn’s offices are (L-R) Barbara Poelmans (trainer,) Pierre van Breda (South Africa,) Ben Luckx (Belgium,) Miranda Doran (Netherlands,) Ralf Hoehn (Germany,)  Kathrin Stubenhausen (Austria,)  Anamika Mard (Sweden,)  Doris Resch (Austria,) Kyle Rankin (South Africa,)  Eric Manez (Philippines,) Chris Bevins (South Africa.)


We will be sailing on Odyssey in July 09 - I hope there will be a Magician amongst the entertainers?

Thanks for the updates and in particular for this one showing my Spirit and Pride acquaintances from 2007 and 2008 Anamika and Eric! They are terrific Seabourn assets and ambassadors in that they are knowledgable and always cheerful and resourceful. Needless to say, I look forward to seeing them on my 2 upcoming Odyssey cruises- unless they are on leave- in Oct., 2009 and the world cruise, 2010. Warm regards, Steve

If this new ship is as good as the Legend, everyone will be knocked out. We just returned from the Legend's journey in the Caribbean. What a cruise! What service! What wonderful food and drink and entertainment. Good sailing to the Odyssey. We hope to join the ship in the near future.

I could not help but notice there is a majority of u.s. set cruise companies in the industry, all dependable upon the so called c1/d type visa. Europe based training center would so become a solution to overcome any loss in tradition of selected onboard personnel. Thank you.

I had the best service from Seabourn Square op the Odyssey. Seeing the photo here reminded me of Ben, who catered to our every need during our trip to the Caribbean. All were outstanding, but Ben was exceptional. With respect to the dining room, they gave us every special request for meals and tables- even on the last night. Great crew across the board. The best ever!!!


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