Odyssey Tug of War Teams Weigh In

Seabourn Odyssey, in the home stretch of its westbound transatlantic cruise, mounted an epic tug of war on a sunny afternoon. A baker’s dozen teams turned out, from the “Girl’s Blouses” (Bridge Officers) and “Ongatongi” (Housekeeping Utilities); “Men in Black” (Restaurant Brigade); “Pacific Warriors” (Pursers) and “Muscle Tension” (Spa) to “Dragon Fly” (Restaurant); “Devil’s Advocates” (Bar Team) and “Granny and the Gangsters” (Stewardesses). Cruise Director Nick Hale raised the bar on the silliness scale in a day-glo magenta fright wig. After a series of heartbreaking eliminations (Stewardesses defeated the Bridge Officers soundly), the Devil’s Advocates (Bar Team) poured it on in the final to ice the victory. Thanks to Cruise Sales Consultant Sara Ferreira for the photos and the news! Happy Holidays to all our blog friends and watch for Holiday decorations pictures soon!

Cruise Director Nick Hale sets the tone for the festivities


The Field of Honor


Ongatongi ( Housekeeping) vs. Chefs


Devil's Advocates ( Bar Team) celebrate victory!


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