Seabourn and Ensemble Travel Group Enhance the Luxury Cruise Experience

A few words from Jack E. Mannix, CTC, president and CEO, Ensemble Travel Group... jack-at-conference Ensemble Travel Group is bullish on The Yachts of Seabourn because Seabourn shares the same priority as our network of nearly 900 expert premium- and luxury-focused travel agencies in the U.S. and Canada – and that’s you, the customer and guest. We are both committed to exceeding customers’ expectations. Ensemble Travel Group accomplishes this through strong personal relationships and by offering clients a lineup of standout products and programs. Take for example Ensemble Hosted Cruises, a very popular series of  300 annual sailings that features the company of a gracious Ensemble® Host, a private cocktail party aboard the ship, and the Ensemble® Experience, a complimentary custom event ashore exclusively for our guests. Seabourn has been delighting our hosted cruise clients as a partner for years, and next year, Seabourn joins our hosted world cruise program. This summer, get ready for an even bigger WOW with Ensemble Hosted Cruises when Seabourn launches Odyssey, followed by Sojourn in summer 2010. The timing couldn’t be better as our repeat hosted cruise clients are looking to their travel agents for new vacation options. These two ships and Seabourn’s host of intriguing new destinations enable us to really cater to their needs. And speaking of needs, Ensemble Travel Group and Seabourn know that the seasoned luxury client is often looking beyond the mainstream vacation for a more experiential, life-enhancing travel adventure. In part, that’s why Seabourn is adding 44 new destinations next year and why Ensemble Travel Group offers a collection of exclusive products built around meaningful guest experiences. For example, our Ensemble® Inspired Journeys blend an enlightening cruise or land adventure with an in-depth enrichment program led by experts. This type of extraordinary travel experience gives clients real purpose and meaning behind their vacation. Don’t be surprised to see Seabourn as part of our Ensemble Inspired Journeys moving forward. We also understand that affluent travelers appreciate value – or getting the most out of their travel investment. Both Ensemble Travel Group and Seabourn have recently enhanced their customers’ travel experiences with special perks and privileges, some of them exclusive to our organizations. Just another way of putting the customer first.


The man from the picture looks too familiar to me, but even after reading the whole article I did not understood from where I now him. Nevermind, Seaburn yachts are good, as I can read reviews about them, but really don't knock much about them. It will be good to post more information about your yachts.


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