Unbelievable Wedding Anniversary

posted by: Hazel Watson from Sheffield South Yorkshire United Kingdom

While on transatlantic crossing on Spirit this year, we celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. We have had anniversaries on board before, all of them memorable, but this time was exceptional.

At the end of the meal, we knew the delicious anniversary cake would come out and it did, carried by Felipe, one of our favourite maitre d's. What we did not expect was that when the cake arrived, so did nearly all the waiters from the restaurant to gather round our table and sing Happy Anniversary. Unbelievable!  

It was a very emotional moment for both of us and meant such a lot.  it must have been planned like a military excercise for the timing.  Some friends seated elsewhere in the restaurant said they wondered what was happening and joked about the crew going on strike and walking out.

The moment was so spontaneous we couldn't take a picture but I have to say it doesn't matter.  It's certainly a moment both of us will remember forever.


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