Seabourn Odyssey Captain Arrives at the Genoa Shipyard

Odyssey Chief Engineer Neil Carney files another report from the “fitting out” dock at the T. Mariotti shipyards in Genoa. "With the new year in full swing in the Mariotti shipyard, Seabourn's on-site team now has new members. The Odyssey's Master, Captain Karlo Buer, Staff Chief Engineer Jonny Gojostol, and Safety & Environmental Officer Kreso Volaric have recently arrived. We will continue to organize Seabourn's onboard operation and continue to assist Carnival Corporation Shipbuilding personnel who are supervising the final stages of construction. With less than six months to go, things are hotting up and our presence will continue to increase as time passes, making for a smooth and successful transition from "Building" stage to "Operation" stage. In this  photo you see Captain Buer (in Blue Boilersuit) and myself on the navigation Bridge. It will not be long before Odyssey’s steering wheel and the rest to the navigational equipment being supplied by "SAM Electronics" will be fitted, providing state-of-the-art control at the Captain's finger tips." As time moves quickly forward, we would love to hear from you. What are your questions about Seabourn Odyssey? If you are joining us for our maiden voyage this summer, what are you most excited about?


Thanks for the blogs about ship construction and fitting out - very enjoyable. You may have addressed this previously, but are the staterooms for the Odyssey of modular construction and then "inserted" into the hull?

Mickey Mouse Neil You and Captain Buer certainly look "fetching" in the photo! We all have missed you on the Seabourn Pride! Hope to see you soon on the new elegant Odyssey. Martha Bailey-Henderson

Timoneer, Neil reports that the suites on Odyssey are not modular. They are built on site. The only modular element is the bathroom, which is constructed elsewhere and added to the suite structure as it is being built.


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