Seabourn Pride Donates Fire Extinguishers to Ronne Fire Department

This summer Seabourn Pride has been making calls to Ronne on the lovely little Danish island of Bornholm. Bornholm is famous throughout Scandinavia for its succulent smoked herring. So a place with a lot of smokehouses seemed like a place that might have an occasional need of fire extinguishers. Coincidentally, Seabourn Pride received its complement of new dry powder type extinguishers, and Safety and Environmental Officer Stefan Tsvetkov found a home for the old water-type extinguishers with the Ronne Fire Department, who were thrilled to receive 64 extinguishers in good working order.

Seabourn Pride SENVO Stefan Tsvetkov hands over the extinguishers to the Ronne firefighters.

Loading up the extinguishers.


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