Seabourn Quest’s Holiday Antarctica & Patagonia Cruise Includes South Georgia Island


Seabourn Quest’s “Ultimate Antarctica & Patagonia” voyage, departing December 11, 2013, will include a two-day visit to South Georgia Island, among the world’s most exotic and picturesque destinations. One of the most isolated places on earth, the sub-Antarctic island is rich in historic context, spectacular natural beauty and an exceptionally dense and varied population of wildlife.

Renowned as one of Earth’s “Last Edens,” South Georgia in the Austral summer is home to vast rookeries of penguins (including the colorful king penguins), albatrosses and other sea birds, southern fur and elephant seals and various species of whales. In addition, its small capital Grytviken preserves much of the region’s whaling history, as well as icons of polar exploration including the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton, a legendary polar explorer who led three expeditions to the Antarctic. It is among the most difficult places for travelers to reach independently, and arrival by ship is not only historically poignant, but logistically advantageous.

The 24-day voyage sails between Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina, exploring Chile’s lakes and volcanos region, Chiloé Island, the Chilean fjords and glaciers, Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego and spends five days cruising and landing among the islands and on the peninsula of Antarctica. Conditions permitting, all guests on board will land each of those five days, including walking on the Antarctic continent on Christmas Day. Following the two-day adventure at South Georgia Island, the cruise will continue to Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires.The grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton in South Georgia Island.

Guests on board will be accompanied by a stellar 14-person expedition team headed by Expedition Leader Robin West, and composed of scientists, naturalists and ecologists with decades of Antarctic experience. Two award-winning nature photographers will also be aboard to coach guests on how best to capture the grandeur of the ice, the sea and the wildlife they will experience.

Seabourn Quest is the most luxurious vessel ever to carry travelers to landings in Antarctica, providing the standards of service, cuisine and hospitality that have earned it the top ratings in the luxury segment of the cruise industry. Now equipped with a fleet of Zodiac landing craft, this stunning vessel allows travelers to experience all the adventure of Antarctica, along with all the amenities of the “World’s Best Small-Ship Cruise Line.”

Visit our website to view a beautiful video about Seabourn’s “Holiday Antarctica & Patagonia” voyage, narrated by Expedition Leader Robin West and Assistant Expedition Leader Jarda Versloot.


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