Seabourn Sojourn Takes Shape - New Pics

[gallery] Raoul Jack sent along a few more shots of Seabourn Sojourn alongside the fitting-out dock at the shipyard in Genoa. It was obviously a rather gray day, but we can get a good look at her sleek shape, which is looking lovely already, even without her coat of paint. A lot of the work going on now is inside, so the outer form doesn’t show radical changes from day to day. But there’s a lot going on.  I especially like the shot from astern, which gives a good view of those great terraces of open deck down the aft end—a great place to have a glass of Champagne and watch the harbor lights of another great port of call fade,  as you sail away to enjoy a delightful night at sea.


We're excited to join our cruising friends from Virginia to cruise yet once again on Seabourn. Between the two (2) couples we've probably cruised on Seabourn about 15 times...perhaps more. Our next cruise is scheduled in the Caribbean 28 Nov to 10 Dec. 2009 on board the New Odyssey. We're excited to see & experience this new lovely ship. Bon Voyage. The Kassity's of Santa Barbara & the Caldwells of Virginia.


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