Seabourn Spirit Welcomes New Cadets

Seabourn Cadets

Seabourn Cadets

In a previous post, we mentioned the elaborate training regimen that we call the Seabourn Academy. It involves a mix of philosophical background, “book-learning” of standard operating procedures and actual on-the-yacht training with experienced Seabourn staff. We also mentioned that there will be “waves” of cadets coming aboard the three Seabourn sisters to prepare them for joining the Seabourn family on a regular basis. The first wave of new cadets joined Seabourn Spirit in Hong Kong on January 3, 2009. Upon arrival, they were welcomed by Captain Gier Arne Thue-Nilsen. Pictured flanking the cadets are Trainer James Blackman (at left in sweater,) Captain Thue-Nilsen (in white uniform) and Training Manager Guillaume Colas (next to the captain in black.) If you will be on board within the next few months, you may get the chance to meet some of our new cadets as they complete their Seabourn Academy training and prepare to join the Seabourn service team.


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