One of the top tasks on hand for Richard Meadows, Seabourn’s new president and CEO, is to meet and get to know our senior officers throughout the fleet. During the annual senior officers meeting in Genoa, Italy, he met with captains and hotel managers and other staff members, and shared his vision and goals for the line. ... read more


[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"] Pamela Conover, Seabourn’s president and CEO, just returned from a hardhat tour in Genoa, Italy, to survey the progress of Seabourn Sojourn in the shipyard.  She was joined by several senior officers and senior executives from headquarters.  Here is her update: ... read more


Staff and workers at the T. Mariotti shipyards in Genoa, Italy, heard a new sound today as the Main Engine Number Three on Seabourn Sojourn was started for the first time.  There is a great buzz in the air – and not just because of the sound coming from the engine – and it was a special moment to see the yacht come to life.  (You may recall Chief Engineer Neil Carney on Odyssey compared it to a heartbeat.) ... read more

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