[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"] Seabourn’s original three sister yachts, Seabourn Pride, Spirit, and Legend, are being treated to a multi-million dollar makeover over the next year.  The look and feel of the public rooms on each vessel will be enhanced with open and airy interiors, modern embellishments, and richly colored contemporary on-deck furnishings. Spirit just came out of drydock with all the changes made, and Pride and Legend will have their turns next year. ... read more


Evening entertainment on Seabourn Odyssey will follow the pattern on board Seabourn’s existing yachts: lots of variety and a range of styles and atmospheres to match any mood. From piano stylings up at the Observation Bar to lively music that will keep dancers in The Club on their feet, guests can choose how they want to spend their evenings, or migrate from one mood to the next.  ... read more


Guests arriving to embark of Seabourn Odyssey’s maiden voyage are likely to be met in the terminal by colorfully costumed characters from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, an improvisational performance style of indeterminate age that was formalized in the 16th century. Troupes of about ten characters created improvised performances around loosely sketched plots involving love (requited and unrequited), infidelity, greed, gluttony and other excesses, and often lampooning current scandals or political squabbles familiar to the audience. ... read more

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