The Virtuoso Network Talks Seabourn Odyssey

Matthew Upchurch

Matthew Upchurch

Most Seabourn  guests book through travel agents, and a number of those agents are members of a network of travel advisors  called Virtuoso. We asked Matthew Upchurch, CEO of Virtuoso, to tell us how Seabourn matches up with the Virtuoso philosophy and also what he is looking forward to with the launch of Seabourn Odyssey. Here is his answer: "Seabourn and Virtuoso have a long partnership based on our common desire to deliver unique and personalized ultra luxury experiences for our customers.  Our shared mission is to help others realize their dreams and increase their Return on Life ™.   By Return on Life™, I mean the real value of time invested in relationships with others – friends and family – and in rejuvenation and purpose-driven pursuits.  The memories we make are our greatest treasures and the source of our greatest feelings of personal fulfillment.  Travel gives us an exceptional Return on Life™, providing opportunities for exploration, enrichment, and reflection.  Seabourn’s desire to make each voyage special for all their guests reflects their commitment to be the best stewards of their guests’ most precious asset – their time. With the introduction of the Odyssey, Seabourn has created the perfect union of advanced technologies and modern amenities with its heritage of thoughtful personal service.  From cabin style to expanded onboard experiences, the slightly larger Odyssey is a welcome addition to the Seabourn fleet.  Looking ahead to further expansion of the fleet from three to six ships, Seabourn is poised to offer an increased number of destination choices around the world.  Each of these enhancements provides Virtuoso members greater opportunity to increase their clients’ Return on Life™ by creating for them personalized travel portfolios on The Yachts of Seabourn."


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