Wine on Seabourn Yachts is Anything But Ordinary

As we discussed in earlier posts, Seabourn cruises present a great vacation choice for those enthusiastic foodies who love fine cuisine. Today, we will talk about another favorite subject - wine. In contrast to larger cruise ships, Seabourn yachts carry fewer passengers, allowing them to offer limited-output wines from boutique producers. Just ask Chef Anton "Tony" Egger, Seabourn's Director of Food and Beverage Operations. Chef Egger selects a range of sophisticated wines and pairs them with onboard dishes, creating a delicious fusion. These wines are always complimentary and cover the span of reds, whites, sparkling wines and champagne. You read it here first: Seabourn Odyssey will have a special, glass-fronted, walk-in wine cellar inside Restaurant 2. The cellar will allow diners to see the fabulous array of wines from around the world as the enter to enjoy their "Tastings@2" small-plates menus. Each Seabourn Yacht also features a certified sommelier to assist guests with selecting wines either from the complimentary list or from the yacht's extensive on-board wine cellar. There are fewer than 175 Master Sommeliers worldwide, and Seabourn is fortunate enough to have two. These professionals have completed an extensive course and passed a stringent examination, making them worthy of mastery. They regularly teach classes for any other onboard staff interested in furthering their wine knowledge. One way Seabourn encourages their guests to explore the excitement of onboard cellars is the Vintage Seabourn Premium Wines Pre-Purchase Program. Guests can purchase packages at either the Silver or Gold Level, and choose premium bottles at prices reduced from Seabourn's already attractive list prices. Premium wines are sold on Seabourn yachts at prices comparable to what guests might pay at a retail wine store ashore - far below standard restaurant markups. At $225, the Silver package invites guests to choose three bottles from a list of six red varieties and six whites, including one dessert wine. The Gold package, at $450, includes the same list, plus another four reds and four whites of more expensive vintages, and offers guests a total of six bottles. Although the menus will routinely change, wines in a Vintage Seabourn Silver Collection might include a Baron de L Pouilly Fume (sells for $124,) a Laetitia Pinot Noir, (sells for $84,) and for dessert, a Chateau Giscours Margaux (sells for $124) and a Chapoutier "Condrieu" Viognier, priced separately at $104. As you can see, Seabourn offers limitless opportunities for food and wine connisseurs. So now we would like to ask you - our present and future guests - do you have favorite wines you would like to see onboard Seabourn Odyssey? Have you had previous culinary experiences you would like to share with us? Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.


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